Green Tea Soba Noodle Bowl for Pickup on Friday, Feb 16

Michael Bauce

Berkeley Organic Meals, Today's Plate
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A bowl of Soba Noddles in a hot gingery broth is on the menu. This has been a family favorite for some years now. We don’t follow a recipe, per se, but just create, in the moment, with what is on hand and what we need during that particular day/season. If you’d like to pickup… more »

Lentil-Root Stew To-Go?

Michael Bauce

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Marta and I will cook a large pot of Lentil-Root Stew on Monday, January 29th.  Our Lentil Stew is chock full of Root Vegetables & Winter Squash, cooked long and slow, so that subtle flavors are allowed to mingle. Pick up your 32 oz. Stew To-Go at 6 PM at our Berkeley Home. All ingredients… more »

Life After Breakfast?

Michael Bauce

Health & More, Today's Plate
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Whole Grain Porridge  for breakfast has a multitude of health benefits that may lead to a long, healthy life. Recently, a Harvard University study found that a diet rich in whole grains can substantially reduce the chances of heart disease and extend life. These findings remained the same for all, healthy and unhealthy. This study… more »

Garlic Miso Pickles

Michael Bauce

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Stick a few cloves of fresh Garlic into a glass jar and add Miso. Repeat until you have submerged as many cloves into and the Miso as possible. Place jar in cool, dark place (like a cabinet) for 1 year. Have a few small slices with your Grain as you would any pickle.  Garlic-Miso Pickles… more »