Macro Flavor – We are Passionate About Macrobiotic Vegan Food

Macro Flavor

We are Passionate About Macrobiotic Vegan Food

Macro Flavor's mission is to enable and encourage home-cooking of whole-grains & vegetables for the purpose of establishing one peaceful and sustainable world for all.
We combine global flavor and creative spirit!

Cooking With Marta

Private Cooking Classes, Ginger Compresses, Private Cooking

“Marta’s cooking is not only incredible but she is a true healer on many levels. I constantly crave her food, energy and spirit. She nourishes, grounds and is a true inspiration.” - Rachel R

Health Coaching

Michael has been studying and practicing macrobiotics since 1988. He offers a fresh approach that is unlike what your nutritionist or homeopath may have offered. Michael can put you back on a path to health that will restore your energy and vitality by adjusting your diet and lifestyle.

"This is one of the kindest, wisest people I know. He works with kids as only a healer can work. He empowers those he comes into contact with, and speaks a truth which is so plain as to be undeniable. His music is playful yet melodically gorgeous. I smile whenever I see his face/image. Thanks for being part of the planet at this time, Michael Bauce. You lend dignity and peaceable sweetness to a time when it is sorely needed!" - Scott S

Berkeley Organic Meals

See how delicious organic, vegan, macrobiotic food can be!

"Michael and Marta's meal was so delicious, it was hard to eat it slowly. The rainbow of flavors on my plate were perfectly paired. Highly recommended." -Patty Baskin

*Pickup Stews! As the days get cooler, hearty bean-vegetable stews are the perfect way to warm the body, boost metabolism and satisfy the soul at the same time! Pickup Stew (Large 32 oz size) in Berkeley on selected Thursdays & Fridays!

* Available to cook for Dinner Parties, Private Events