Macro Flavor – We are Passionate About Macrobiotic Vegan Food

We are Passionate About Macrobiotic Vegan Food

Macro Flavor's mission is to enable and encourage home-cooking of whole-grains & vegetables for the purpose of establishing one peaceful and sustainable world for all.
We combine global flavor and creative spirit!

Cooking With Marta

Private Cooking Classes, Ginger Compresses, Private Cooking

“Marta’s cooking is not only incredible but she is a true healer on many levels. I constantly crave her food, energy and spirit. She nourishes, grounds and is a true inspiration.” - Rachel R

"Marta’s cooking has changed my whole perception on macrobiotic. I’ve discovered that flavors, colors, textures are all playing their parts in this experience. I’m now realizing that after all, macrobiotic is just another way to consider and connect with food in a wholesome, more holistic way." - Stephanie Moraille

Health Coaching

Michael has been studying and practicing macrobiotics since 1988. He offers a fresh approach that is unlike what your nutritionist or homeopath may have offered. Michael can put you back on a path to health that will restore your energy and vitality by adjusting your diet and lifestyle. Private cooking classes also available.

"This is one of the kindest, wisest people I know. He works with kids as only a healer can work. He empowers those he comes into contact with, and speaks a truth which is so plain as to be undeniable. His music is playful yet melodically gorgeous. I smile whenever I see his face/image. Thanks for being part of the planet at this time, Michael Bauce. You lend dignity and peaceable sweetness to a time when it is sorely needed!" - Scott S

Berkeley Organic Meals

See how delicious organic, vegan, macrobiotic food can be!

Michael and Marta make for a delightfully reliable source of consciously and lovingly prepared meals. Sending a photo ahead of time stirs the appetite in anticipation of quality dishes based on a wide variety of whole grains, vegetables of the season (and sea veggies), beans and soyfoods, along with nuts, seeds, and seasonings. A healthy, plant-based whole foods meal doesn't get better than this, and the price is amazing -Meredith McCarty, Nutrition Educator

Michael and Marta 's cooking is both therapeutic and delicious! They provide strengthening foods with good variety in color, texture and visual appeal..always beautifully presented. It is a treasure to have great food available weekly. My husband and I rely upon our food pickup to nourish us during our busy week. thank you! -S.P.

Marta and Michael "deliver" not only food, but beautiful, colorful, very tasteful soul food that nourishes all your senses, body, mind and spirit. This food is to be accepted as a precious nourishment and sensory delight for humans beings.. Nothing like wholesome, traditional love cooked meals.. Loved it.. My best meal - Carlos Ferriera

I was in Berkeley on business recently and decided to try one of the popular Dinner-To-Go meals from Michael and Marta.
They served Macro Burritos, made with the largest organic tortilla I’ve even seen. The steamed flat bread was served along with organic brown rice, lightly-seasoned and perfectly cooked Peruana Beans, a LOT of cooked Kale from their garden, and a side of mixed veggies with fresh mushrooms.
BUT OMG! The winter squash soup was robust and delicious, pureed into a creamy delight.
With meals like that, it’s no wonder they’re busy cooking two days a week. So good! Thank you both for creating such wonderful meals. - Chuck Lowery

The roots were next level tonight. Fantastic dish made with Flavor Love by M n M. Thanks! - Natalie Jane

These are the best meals for you and your family and friends. They are cooked with care and purpose and most importantly, prepared and cooked with love. - Charles Gary

Wow the meal was amazing ! My first time getting the sushi and it was so good as were the lentils and salad!
Thanks for making such amazing food - Karen Gottdenker

"Michael and Marta's meal was so delicious, it was hard to eat it slowly. The rainbow of flavors on my plate were perfectly paired. Highly recommended." -Patty Baskin

"Order a delicious macrobiotic meal from Michael and Marta for pick-up in Berkeley! I'm a regular customer, haven't been disappointed yet. Their meals are always healthy and delicious, super-satisfying for both body and soul! Plus they're lovely people- Nina Labrador

Oh My fantastic! Love everything! You are amazing! Please sign us up for next week. Totally delicious! Thank you -Barbara Goldstein

"Wish they were still making their kitchen magic on Monday’s in Palo Alto" -Brian Bershader

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