Common Mistakes of Vegan Parents

Michael Bauce

Cooking With Kids, Health & More
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You’ve made the “shift” from a meat-centered diet to a vegan one, a great choice!  You’re not only stepping in the right direction, you’re making a commitment to the environment while insuring the health of your Family. But there’s some ruts in the road to healthy eating for you and your children that should be… more »

Summer Fiesta To-Go

Michael Bauce

Berkeley Organic Meals, Today's Plate
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Corn Cake with Mushroom Gravy Savory Black-Eyed Peas Beets  & Cauliflower Home-Grown Greens with Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Pickled Cabbage   What customers are saying about the food: “Michael and Marta’s meal was so delicious, it was hard to eat it slowly. The rainbow of flavors on my plate were perfectly paired. Highly recommended.” -Patty Baskin… more »

Akashinga Women Protecting Animals and Making Connections

Michael Bauce

In The News
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“Cooking and nutrition are other vital skills for every ranger and their families. Akashinga rangers have all adopted a vegan plant-based diet. Like so many others, including IAPF’s founder Damien Mander, the Akashinga rangers made the connection between the animals they are protecting and the animals they are eating. Chef Cola from South Africa joined… more »

Mid-Eastern Macro Plate This Tuesday, July 24

Michael Bauce

Berkeley Organic Meals
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Treat yourself to a Mid-Eastern Macro Meal this Tuesday! Menu includes: Brown Rice Tabouleh, Lemony Hummus, Garden Greens with Creamy Sesame, Cucumber-Mint Salad, Radish Pickle. Large Portions. Contact for more info